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News Archive - Page 24

  • Anderlini & Felli Propose Systemic Vulernability Index

    How should the vulnerability of different securities to "systemic risk" be assessed? GCER's Luca Anderlini (right) and LSE's Leonardo Felli propose a simple measure in a recent article in Vox.

  • Chairman Vella Introduces GCER

    Greetings from the Chair. Welcome to the Georgetown Center for Economic Research (GCER), the newly established research institute housed within the Department of Economics at Georgetown University. GCER is set up to support the Department in its efforts to fulfill its core research and instructional mission for the University. Its primary goal is to foster an environment of open and rigorous scientific inquiry into current economic policy issues and problems. We think you'll find our programs and research interesting and innovative. More about GCER's mission can be found on About GCER , or scan our activities from the menus.