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News Archive - Page 10

  • GCER Fellow Bouton's work featured in The Economist.

    GCER Fellow Laurent Bouton's paper guns and votes has been featured in The Economist and FiveThirtyEight. In his paper, Bouton argues that re-election motives can lead politicians to take a pro-gun stance against the interests of an apathetic majority of the electorate, but in line with the interests of an intense minority.

  • GCER Fellow Ravallion discusses Piketty's book in Indian Express

    GCER Fellow and Professor of Economics Martin Ravallion wrote a column titled "Reading Piketty in India" in the Indian Express on May 15, 2014. In the article, Ravallion argues that inequality in human capital, rather than physical capital, is India's biggest concern right now.

  • GCER Fellow Laurent Bouton joins NBER as Research Fellow

    GCER Fellow Laurent Bouton was recently inducted into the National Bureau of Economic Research as a Faculty Research Fellow. Bouton joins other GCER Fellows Robert Cumby, Martin Evans, Garance Genicot, Arik Levinson, and Martin Ravallion in that select group.

  • GU Econ PhD students Jacob Mortenson and Alison Weingarten share prestigious Jordan Award

    For the third straight year, The Economic Club of Washington presents its prestigious Vernon E. Jordan Jr Fellowship Award to a GU Economics PhD student. In this case, there are two: This year's Jordan Fellowship award was shared by Jacob Mortenson and Alison Weingarten. Jacob and Alison follow past GU Econ recipients, Claire Brunel and Mauricio Villamizar as Jordan Fellowship recipients. As this year's winners, Jacob and Alison will present their research findings to The Economic Club of Washington in the Spring of 2014.

  • GCER Fellow interviewed in the New York Times and NPR

    GCER Fellow Laurent Bouton was interviewed by the New York Times and NPR for their feature on the Senate primaries. Bouton is assistant professor of Economics at Georgetown and studies electoral systems and voter behavior. He has also written a column on the 'gun-control paradox' in VoxEU.