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About GCER: A Message from the Chair

Frank Vella Welcome to the Georgetown Center for Economic Research (GCER). Its primary goal is to foster an environment of open and rigorous scientific inquiry into current economic policy issues and problems, and to communicate its findings to academics and policy makers. Housed within the Department of Economics at Georgetown University, the Center brings together economists from across the University and elevates Georgetown’s leadership role in informing policy. We think you’ll find our programs and initiatives interesting and innovative.

Among its many functions, GCER sponsors workshops, conferences, and lecture series such as the annual Razin Policy Lecture and the Georgetown Alumni Research Conference. GCER also disseminates research findings through its Working Paper Series, and promotes interaction among members of the greater academic community through its Visiting Scholars Program and other joint programs and initiatives.

Recognizing the increasingly global and multi-disciplinary facets to many critical policy issues, GCER sponsors and supports a number of research initiatives within the Department and throughout the University, including GU Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation (Gui²de), which conducts empirical field-based research to assess the impact and effectiveness of interventions and policies aimed at empowering individuals in developing countries to improve their lives; and Y-S conference jointly sponsored by IZA, the GU Department of Economics, and GCER, the main objective of which is to expose young scholars to the world's leading labor economists through a week of presentations.

GCER is run by a Director who governs with the advice and consent from GCER Research Fellows. These include the faculty and graduate students of the Economics Department, faculty at Georgetown-Ilades, and a select group of external scholars and researchers.

- Frank Vella, Chair & Villani Chaired Professor of Economics

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